Ukraine not planning to amend agreement with Russia on visa-free travel

By on April 15, 2013
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has said they are not planning to introduce amendments to the agreement between Moscow and Kyiv on visa-free travel, which foresees the possibility of crossing the border with internal passports. “Ukraine is not planning to initiate amendments to this agreement. If the Russian side initiates changes to this agreement, we will hold talks in order to reach an agreement that would take into account the interests of Ukrainian and Russian citizens,” acting Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Information Policy Department Yevhen Perebyinis told Interfax-Ukraine on Monday.

He reiterated that an intergovernmental agreement on visa-free travel, which was signed on January 16, 1997, was currently in force between Ukraine and Moldova.    As reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded that citizens of CIS countries be allowed to enter Russia only using foreign passports from 2015.

According to this document, Ukrainian citizens can travel to Russia for a period of up to 90 days from the date of crossing Ukraine’s state border without visas and with documents that confirm identity and citizenship of Ukraine, including with internal passports.

Credit: Interfax ua

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