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By on January 12, 2013
How to Quit Smoking.

We all have some special people in our lives that we wish could just stop smoking or maybe you the reader is that smoker who lots of friends and loved ones have tried all their best to make you stop. Well the good news is, you can !. Personally, i have seen many other smokers who try to quit and end up still going back to it because smoking is an addiction. We all already know the effects of smoking, so i wont bore you by including that in this article.

I must confess, freedom from any addiction is never easy. The ultimate reason or deception why smokers find it really difficult to stop is the mindset. The mind  is the complex of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, thinking and perceptions of everything. Deep in you, the true desire to quit smoking is the most important motivation. If quitting smoking is not something you desperately want then my personal advice for you is to just look up of our webpage and click on the entertainment button and have some fun instead of wasting the rest of your time valuable time to read this.

Tips on how to Quit Smoking.

1. Find a reason to stop: Actually this is the first and most important step to take. Apart from the health risks and dangerous effects of smoking, find other reasons to stop. It could be because of your family, a friend or that special person in your life. It could even be for the sake of happiness & a long healthy life.

2.  Set a quit date :  Time definiteness is important. Set a special date or month that you exactly want to quit. Quitting is a process. The date you set should be when you want to end the process and be totally free from this addiction.

b. Tell Everyone: Tell family, friends, and co-workers & fellow smokers that you plan to quit. the art of talking and repetition cultivates the mind and controls our habits and characters.  But also remember to anticipate and plan for the challenges you’ll face while quitting. Secondly,your social circles need to know that you are changing your habits, so talk to them about your decision to quit. Let them know they won’t be able to smoke when you’re in the car with them or taking a coffee break together.

3. Time table: if your target is to quit smoking in 3 months. Reduce the number of sticks you smoke weekly & always update your table sheet until you finally quit. This will personally depend on you, if you smoke 10 sticks a day before, you can go down to 9 sticks-a-day(1st week), 8 sticks-a-day(2nd & 3rd week), 6 sticks-a-day(4th & 5th week), 4 Sticks-a-day(6th & 7th week), 3 Sticks-a-day(8th & 9th week),2 sticks-a-day (10th week) 1 stick-a-day(11th & 12th week). After this process,  allow next day pass without a cigarette. Remember to dispose everything around that reminds you of smoking.

how can i replace smoking ?

1. Instead of smoking during coffee breaks, start doing something else. Play games with your mobile, talk to people of the phone or even start writing a book. And make sure you either stop hanging around with people you used to smoke with or make it very clear to them that you quit !

2.  Cultivate the love for tea & fruits: Instead of smoking, drink a hot green-tea 🙂 eat good fruits ! Remember that fruits and veggies prolongs your precious life.

3. Eat nuts: Put nuts everywhere around you instead of cigarettes. Chew them whenever you feel like smoking because they make your mouth busy and give you the same oral sensation you feel when you smoke. Also you can suck flavored tooth-picks whenever you crave for a cigarette.

Create a smoke-free zone around your life : Caution smokers from smoking around you and don’t allow people smoke in your house, car, office and everywhere around you. Also make sure you see a doctor for regular check up and start doing exercises & sports.

How to handle unpleasant and overwhelming feelings without cigarettes

When you are depressed, lonely,afraid,angry,disappointed, sad and frustrated, a cigarette stick never solves any problem. It only returns you back your world of addiction, make you feel good temporarily and kills you because smoking truly reduces life-span of every human. My advice is this, always think about the reasons you decided to quit, picture the smile on the faces of your loved ones when you told them that you quit smoking. in difficult times like that, do every other thing to feel better and find a reason to be happy and always remember that life is a gift.

Remember: if you find this helpful. please share with your friends & loved ones.

Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life – Brooke Shields.

Smoking kills

Smoking kills

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