Letter to Foreigners in Ukraine This Winter

By on January 25, 2014
Open letter for foreigners in Ukraine

It’s no more news that we’re already in winter here in Ukraine. It started last month and it’s now getting colder  than we  ever expected. This is the season why we now experience shorter days and longer nights. It’s the season we hibernate more and miss lots of lectures. It’s also the season that gets us lazy and pissed off because of the mess on our roads.

If you think this letter is not for you because you’ve been living in Ukraine for years, then you’re damn wrong. Do you want to know one deadly thing about winter? Winter doesn’t know experience. Even Ukrainians know that. So, you have to take this serious.

This is not the season to flaunt your physique or your beauty.

This is the season to wrap up yourself and feel warm as much as you can.

Your health really matters here because you’re far away from your home country.

You might think that it won’t have any effect now but it might later on.

What’s the point in flaunting your beautiful outfit now and later get sick?

You don’t have to hurt yourself anymore.

I have garnered some list of what to wear before going out this winter:

  1. A winter shirt/sweat shirt (ladies can wear any comfortable dress)
  2. A Thick and warm cap/hat (Compulsory for both sex)
  3. A long warm scarf (Compulsory for both sex)
  4. A pair of warm socks ( compulsory for both sex and you can put on two pairs if comfortable )
  5. A Warm thermal tight (compulsory for both sex)
  6. A pair of gloves (if you’re comfortable with it)
  7. A winter shoe embedded with fur (I recommend a rugged and aggressive grip sole)
  8. A winter jacket (If you’re allergic to fur then get yourself other suitable winter jacket)

With this above list you’re good to go out and face the cold war. I will add that your hands should stay in your pocket and make nodding a habit of greeting this winter. And, also make hot tea your favorite drink this season.

If you observe that you sweat inside due to over warm then make a balance and make sure that you check the weather forecast before going out including the wind, too.

I hope this letter will serve as a reminder and as an eye-opener for all foreign students in Ukraine.

Dress warm till we meet again in spring for another letter.  Cheers!

Written By : Muhiz Moab Olorunrinu

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  1. Claire

    January 26, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Thanks for the great tips!It’s good advice for this weather.

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