ForeignUkraine24 is a one stop spot for foreigners in Ukraine. The platform covers all major areas which are directly or indirectly associated with foreigners in Ukraine. ForeignUkraine24 was founded with the sole aim of having a reliable source of both formal and informal information at the fingertips of every foreigner in Ukraine, and that is why we made all efforts to make the platform user friendly. The website has been optimized for all media types including mobile phones.

ForeignUkraine24 as a tag name alone speaks for itself the content of the site. Perhaps, if anyone would wonder why 24, it represents our loyalty to our commitments to provide top notch content to foreigners in Ukraine 24 hours a day. The website has been categorized based on our survey of what is most interesting to an average foreigner in Ukraine notwithstanding the country of origin of the foreigner. In addition to our categories, we have added some other stand alone and highly important sections such as “Icon of the Month” and “video of the week”.

Our Icon of the Month section is graced once a month by certain foreigners in Ukraine who have been able to make some noteworthy accomplishments. These individuals are carefully selected by the ForeignUkraine24 team within 2 weeks before each new month. In some cases, the team has to vote in an Icon for the month which is carried out within the team. Suggestions can be made by contacting the ForeignUkraine24 team.

Our Video of the Week section is updated weekly with videos that the ForeignUkraine24 team finds as best ranked in any of our video ranking categories. These video ranking categories include but not limited to entertainment, intrigue, history and inspiration.

Our basic categories include:

Events: These are major events which are associated with foreigners in Ukraine. They might be organized by foreigners or the citizens of Ukraine. Nonetheless, these events must be tied in any form to foreigners in Ukraine.

Business: This category is one of our most significant categories. The ForeignUkraine24 finds this category significant because it enlightens foreigners in Ukraine about business opportunities, business events, business news and job opportunities available to foreigners in Ukraine.

Entertainment: This category is all about entertaining foreigners in Ukraine. It features jokes, entertainment news, entertainment events, interviews, funny pictures, and lots of interesting packages in stock to keep foreigners in Ukraine entertained.

News: This category covers all news associated with foreigners in Ukraine. We believe this is important because it will cover both local and international level of information which is not readily available to foreigners because of language barrier or inaccessible local television channels.

Fashion: Fashion cannot be boycotted as far as foreigners in Ukraine are concerned. Fashion is a language that unifies humans no matter the location on planet earth. ForeignUkraine24 creates the perfect platform to know the latest in the fashion language. Fashion events are also widely covered by ForiegnUkraine24 in this category.

How-To: ForeignUkraine24 is glad to be a source of knowledge to foreigners in Ukraine. The content of this section is strictly processed and edited by our intellectual team. In fact, we classify this category has “highly sensitive”. This is because ForeignUkraine24 knows the important of having “accurate” knowledge.

Tech: This covers innovations in the tech world which most times might be associated with foreigners in Ukraine. ForeignUkraine24 will enlighten you on the new trends in technology and how they are relevant to life. ForeignUkraine24 will make sure foreigners in Ukraine are not left out in the tech world.

Places: This category contains information such as universities, hotels, parks, historical centers and restaurants in Ukraine which may be of interest to foreigners in Ukraine or aspirant foreigners in Ukraine.


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