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By on April 20, 2013
Best offers ukraine

ForeignUkraine24 recently stumbled on a new, promising and growing web platform which gives virtually anyone in Ukraine including foreigners the opportunity to ADVERTISE, SELL AND BUY almost anything FREE!! (including those old things in your wardrobe :)..) 

This is a very great opportunity for Foreigners who have been desiring a way to reach the Ukrainians with their ideas and businesses. The major advantage of this platform over the others that already exists is the fact that its basically in English language. Although Russian and Ukrainian versions will be added to the platform soon, it was fascinating to have a first version in English which is very much available to everyone.

So here are the features of the site:

  • Advertise Free
  • The platform has active advertisements on Social networks including VKontakte which is the social base for Ukrainians and Google.
  • Its in English
  • Browse by city or category
  • Awesome interface
  •  Reach out to Millions of Ukrainians and Foreigners in Ukraine FREE with your business/services.

Dont delay to join this platform. Just make sure you register so that you wont miss out on the opportunities available to you through this platform.

Best Offers Ukraine

Best Offers Ukraine

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