Andrea Deanesi visits Ukraine again.

By on March 30, 2013

Top Italian Vogue blogger, Andrea Deanesi visits Kyiv for  the Second time again to watch various and astonishing collections of top Ukrainian fashion designers. The 32nd Fashion Week internationally pulled and attracted a huge number of different international representatives and various media groups.

Deanesi expressed how astonished he was as he experienced an environment of high professionalism in the management of a fahion event by the Ukrainian Fashion Week.  Andrea who came with his camera crew displayed the highlights of the event on A popular Italian fashion blog. It was indeed a positive impression not only to the Italians, but to Andrea himself as he also shared his opinions about the event which took place in Kiev.

Andrea Deanesi, published two posts. The pictures of  the posts included amazing catwalk sessions, beautiful Ukrainian models, make-up artists and general cover of the event. It also featured the organizers of the event, top fashion designers and executives from all over the world like anna bublik, BOBKOVA, Annette GORTZ, Elena Burenina, Bevza, ELENAREVA, kamenskakononova, LITKOVSKAYA, , ZEMSKOVA&VOROZHBYT and many others.

Indeed Ukrainian fashion is going global. Creative Ukrainian fashion designers are making this possible. Just in case you find yourself in Ukraine, be sure to check out amazing fashion collections.

Impressions from Kiev;

Impressions from Kiev

Impressions from Kiev

Impressions from Kiev 2

Impressions from Kiev 2.

Impressions from Kiev 2.

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