Best Online Fashion Stores in Ukraine

By on December 31, 2012
best online fashion stores in Ukraine

Ukraine has a total consumer market of about 48 million people, which explains why its shopping centers and shopping facilities are so excellent but the competition between giant online fashion stores is still relatively low in Ukraine as compared to the online electronics stores. This is rather unexpected because there is easy access to the internet and great enthusiasm for fashion in the region. We can probably conclude that the advertisements of these online fashion stores are poor.

Notwithstanding, there are some giant online fashion stores who are the top at their game. We have selected these few below based on international standards compared to other global online fashion store giants such as and Customer service, delivery, ease of navigation, customer database and other factors are the determinants for this selection below:



Bonprix Shopping in You will discover the latest trends of fashion and the lowest prices! On our site, the fashionable women’s and men’s clothing, lingerie excellent, inexpensive shoes and great clothes for babies and children. Along with the new trends you will find many suggestions for the home: great products for decorating, curtains, bath mats and bed linen.You can register for their catalog and receive them by post office or electronically.Categories

Women, Men, Children, Underwear, House and  Sales


ModnaKasta Here are the best brands of the world with maximum discount!ModnaKasta Shopping Club is offering several fashion and lifestyle sales events per week with discounts up to 70% for members.Membership to modnaKasta is by invitation only. Members enjoy shopping for their favourite fashion and designer brands at significantly reduced prices – up to 70% off.Every week, modnaKasta runs sales events with premium brands and sought after offerings from Ukraine each lasting only a few days. As a member, you’ll receive email invitations for each event, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to grab one of our great deals.


Men, Women, Children, House, Food and Wine


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