Influence of Advertisements on Social network websites.

By on January 15, 2013
Social network websites

Today, statistics prove that social network websites are the major reasons why billions of people stay online. Earlier, before the launching of different network websites, people went online for only reasons like research and learning. but this changed when networking was introduced online. This new idea of connecting people to each other has attracted billions of traffic to these websites.

Earlier in business, the media was the only medium people could market products and advertise their businesses. Only big companies(bottling & production) could increase their productivity because they could afford to spend huge amounts of money for adverts on the television, newspapers,magazines, handbills, posters,fliers and bill-boards.

After the year 2000, the internet became very popular in every part of the world. Wise internet entrepreneurs began to launch and establish different social network websites that could connect people from different part of the world together. Innovative ideas like, photo sharing, video sharing, chat rooms, applications and other features even made the users spend more time online. Now, millions of users from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Antarctica  South America, North America and Australia are recorded to be active on these websites.

With billions of users on these social network sites at the same time. the world quickly realized that the fastest and most effective means of information dissemination and advertisement was through these social websites. Today top fashion companies, industries, news agencies, universities, Auto companies, online stores and lots of other businesses, all own their various pages and sections on different social network sites.

Do you plan to start a business and already wondering how to market it ?, or do you have an existing business that is finding difficulty to thrive ?, take advantage of different social network websites & market your products and get awareness through them. Registration for most of these websites are free. Simply open an account, create a page and let the world know what you do. Lots of companies who took advantage of these websites have made millions from social network advertisements. Register your company in any of these sites !…Good luck.

Some Top Social network websites

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Social Network websites

Social Network websites

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