Christmas Jokes

By on December 23, 2012

What did Adam say…

What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?
It’s Christmas, Eve ! Laughing


Father christmas

why does santa have 3 gardens… he likes to ho…ho…ho


What do monkeys sing at Christmas?

– What do monkeys sing at Christmas?

– Jungle Bells, Jungle bells…


Christmas wish

A small biy wrote to Santa, “Santa, all I want for Christmas is for you to send me a brother…”

Santa replied, “For this you will have to send me your mom first…” Innocent


Something for my mother

The Santa Claus at the shopping mall was very surprised when a young lady aged about 20 years old walked up and sat on his lap. Now, we all know that Santa doesn’t usually take requests from adults, but he smiled very nicely at her and asked ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ ‘Something for my mother, please,’ replied young lady sweetly. ‘Something for your mother? Well, that’s very loving and thoughtful of you,’ smiled Santa. ‘What do would you like me to bring her?’ Without pausing, the lady answered quickly, ‘A millionaire son-in-law.’














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