Foreigners Looking for Jobs in Ukraine?

By on December 19, 2012

If you are looking for job in Ukraine as a foreigner, one very good solution is to become a freelancer.

A freelancer in simplest terms is a worker for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company. As a foreigner in Ukraine, you must be aware by now that getting a local job is not one of the easiest things though some have been successful in securing a job. I recommend checking our previous post on finding jobs in Ukraine if you have not seen it. That post will guide you on getting local jobs as a foreigner in Ukraine.

You might have been wondering how to be a freelancer if you can’t even get local jobs easily. The simplest answer is “thank God for technology”. Through the internet, you can work for several companies which might be physically located in another country. This means that all you need is an internet connected computer and the skills required for the job. This is a process known as outsourcing. Many companies are involved in outsourcing because it helps reduce the cost of getting services or goods. It also does not bind them to local laws of employment such as minimum wage. You can find jobs in customer service, sales and marketing, web development, business services, design and multimedia, writing and translation, administrative support, networking and information systems, and several others.

freelance jobsI believe the most important advantage of being a freelancer as a foreigner in Ukraine is the fact that the work laws do not affect you because you do not work locally. The other advantages as a foreigner in Ukraine are cashing your skills and talent without leaving your room which means you can work from anywhere, working according to the time you choose, working for several companies at the same time, working with teams from different locations of the world which will definitely increase your team work skills, ability to control the work load, less expenses compared to office jobs where you have to consider transportation or break launch at restaurants, total control over choice of work which means you do only what you want to do, decision on how much you want to earn is totally made by you, and several other advantages. All these advantages can easily be summarized as you being your own boss who is just rendering services at will. It is the same as running your own business.

As you can almost find everything online these days, you can be sure there are platforms that help facilitate smooth interaction between the employer and the contractor. Some of these are Odesk, Elance and Freelancer. Other platforms like 99designs which are for designers are niche specific. ForeignUkraine24 will walk you through the process of getting into the Odesk community which is absolutely free.

  1. Register at
  2. Verify your registration by email. Email will be sent to you after registration.
  3. Login and create your profile.
  4. Take tests and adds skills to make your profile look good.
  5. Go to “Wallet” tab and setup your withdrawal method. You will need a bank account in the US to receive payments if you choose PayPal so I recommend Payoneer as the withdrawal method.
  6. Set up your Payoneer account and expect your new MasterCard.
  7. Apply for jobs and start earning.
  8. Withdraw your cash anytime from your Payoneer MasterCard.

That is all it takes to be a freelancer on Odesk. You can also try other freelance platforms and stick to any, several or all. You are the boss, so do what you want. Happy freelancing.


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