How to Convert Documents-Jpeg,Pdf,Word

By on February 4, 2013
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Have you been in difficult moment when you want to convert  a document from one format to another as fast as possible ? You can convert a document anywhere and at anytime. It’s easy ! Today we will guide you on how to convert documents from a particular format to a preferred format.

Converting Ms Word to Pdf & Pdf to Ms word

Step 1: log on to

Step 2: Choose your conversion i.e Pdf to word or word to pdf

Step 3: Choose the document from your PC

Step 4: Click Convert !

Converting pdf to word & word to pdf

Converting pdf to word & word to pdf

Converting JPEG to MS document

step 1: open your MS document

step 2: click insert in the top menu

step 3: choose photo

step 4: save as a word document.

jpeg to word

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