How to keep your your house clean always.

By on February 16, 2013

We all can agree that maintaining a clean house is a not an easy task. At a particular time in our life most people have concluded that  a house can’t always’ be clean.  Well i’ll be sharing some few tips o how to keep your house clean always.

Morning Routines : Cultivating the habit of doing a morning routine really helps. It maintains the cleanliness of your house daily. Immediately you wake up, always make your bed, arrange the things you used since the previous night.For example, If you read at midnight, arrange the books back. Just make sure you do something every morning.

Don’t keep dirty Dishes : After eating, relax or rest for sometime and then wash your dishes. Do not keep dirty dishes till the next day. It is recomemded that you use a warm water to rise the places. For people like me who don’t enjoy washing dishes,  you can listen to very nice music while washing. It helps !



Put it back to where it was: After using anything at all in your house, put it back to the exact place you took it from. This habit is actually the most important and necessary habit to cultivate in order to maintain a clean home.

Special Weekly Cleaning : Pick a particular day of the week and do special and thorough cleaning. Clean your kitchen appliances, living room appliance and every corner of the house. You can also do some wet cleaning if it’s necessary.



Keep the house fresh : The smell of a house is the most important criteria for cleanliness Use fruit fragrances, air fresheners, open your windows if necessary and allow fresh oxygen in.

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