How to Stay Motivated Working From Home

By on February 10, 2013
stay motivated working from home
It’s just you. At home. With your computer and another cup of coffee. Now what? Follow these tips to stay motivated on the job.


1. Get Dressed: Seriously. Wake up and dress for the day as if you were heading out into the real world. This will signal your body and brain that it’s time to get down to business…and make it more difficult to sneak off for that mid-day nap.
2. Cut the silence. It’s easy to get distracted when it’s just you, a blank computer screen, and your thoughts. Put on some music (studies show that classical music stimulates brain activity) or leave the TV on in the background to simulate other people in the room with you.
3. Break up the day. Set specific breaks throughout the day to keep yourself on task. A mid-morning coffee break and afternoon walk around the block are great ways to keep your brain — and butt! — from falling asleep.
4. Learn to unplug. Working on a computer all day can cause burnout, plus it’s not good for your eyes. Switch it up when you can, taking handwritten notes or working over the phone instead of email. Bonus: human contact!
5. Treat yourself. In lieu of positive reinforcement from co-workers, reward yourself for meeting goals. Nailed that 6:00pm deadline? One peanut butter smoothie coming right up!

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