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By on December 23, 2012
Kyiv Achool of Ecnomics


The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), founded by the Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC) and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in 2006, is a world-class academic institution with a reputation for excellence both in Ukraine and internationally. KSE ranks among the top schools in Central and Eastern Europe, producing the future generation of world-class economists. In doing so, it helps to improve the economic, business, and policymaking environments of Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) offers three internationally recognized graduate level programs:

One-Year MA Program in Business Economics
Two-Year MA Program in Economic Analysis
Two-Year MA Program in Financial Economics.
These programs share a number of basic principles: their curricula are based on what is taught at leading international universities, they are taught in English and they are taught by a combination of international and Western-trained faculty who have strong backgrounds in teaching and research, and outstanding practitioners.  The education based on these principles provides the opportunity to KSE students to get top jobs in business, academia and international organizations and to get top level salaries:Our alumni surveys show our students earn 50 percent more than what they would have earned if they would not have studied at KSE.
The focus of the programs are different however, with the one year MA in Business Economics focusing on careers in business, while the two year programs in Financial Economics and Economic Analysis focus on careers in academia, policy and international organizations.
MA in Business Economics
– Business Oriented
– Case Studies
– Intuition
– Guest speakers from business
– Internship or Thesis

MA in Econ. Analysis/ Fin. Econ
– Policy Oriented
– Research Articles
– In-depth theory
– Academic seminars
– Thesis
In partnership with the University of Houston (top 25 in US), the Kyiv School of Economics also offers the students of its two year program an opportunity to obtain, while studying at KSE, a Master’s degree of the University of Houston. Courses taken to receive the KSE certificate simultaneously lead to an MA degree in Economics of the University of Houston if the student meets the academic and administrative requirements of the University of Houston. A similar agreement for the one year program is currently being negotiated.


Grants, scholarships, and awards are fixed amounts of money provided on a competitive basis to people satisfying the scholarship’s, grant’s or award’s requirements.

Kyiv School of Economics manages competitions open to the general public, including KSE students (for example, the EERC grants competition) and may also hold competitions that are open to KSE students only.
Scholarships, grants, and awards, depending on their conditions and stipulations, may be used for tuition payment, housing support, research support (databases, etc.) or may be given in the form of a direct payment to the recipient. The KSE may also manage scholarships, grants or awards provided to KSE students by other institutions, if the scholarships, awards or grants are aimed at helping students cover their tuition and housing expenses.
KSE awards and grants are assigned by the Scholarship/Award/Grant committee. The recipient has the right to reject the scholarship/award/grant. A scholarship/award/grant may be revoked if the recipient fails to satisfy the scholarship/award’s/grant’s requirements during the scholarship/award/grant period.

Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony



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