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By on March 27, 2013
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Yesterday March 26, 2013 at 17:30 at the hotel premium” Kharkiv Palace ” was Ukraine’s Annual international beauty contest« Miss Kharkiv International ». The aim of the competition was to present the diversity and richness of the national-cultural associations of the city of Kharkov, a demonstration of tolerance and friendship toward ethnic minorities and between them.
The ForeignUkraine24 media team witnessed the  incredibly beautiful, fantastic and unforgettable show, the work of professional directors, choreographers, ballet masters, sound and all that – on a voluntary basis further emphasized the value of the project.

The organizers of the event is Kharkiv NGO ” MultiKultiUA “with the support of Kharkiv City Council,  having “Kharkiv Palace” as their sponsor which also was the venue of the event. as the main sponsor of the event was the hotel” Kharkiv Palace “, which, in fact, it was carried out.

The Beautiful contestants

The Beautiful contestants

The event was attended by the heads and the leadership of the national-cultural associations of living in the city of Kharkov and Ukraine, representatives of chambers of commerce, consulate, embassy machine, representatives of Kharkov City Council, heads of public organizations in Kharkiv, leading experts from fashion and beauty industry, many of which have sponsored social project «Miss Kharkiv International».

Special invited guests were Khizhnyak Andrew , Director of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports of the Kharkiv city council. Also in the scene was Alexander Sterin , chief of department on work with associations of citizens of Kharkov City Council, Chairman of the ” MultiCultiUA “Sergei Savitsky , the chief coordinator of the ” MultiKultiUA ” Martin Reuter , and others.

Contestants looked stunning in their various exhibitions. The competition program included a parade of participatants in national costumes, art room, catwalk in evening gowns displayed on  videos with participants, and details multinational Kharkiv.

Emily Shah getting crowned.

Emily Shah getting crowned.

The crowned  winner of the title Miss Kharkiv International 2013, Emilia became Shah of Afghan cultural association “Khorasan”, the first runner-up was Olga Polyakova of the Jewish Cultural Center “Beit Daniel,” and second runner-up – Medina Bondarenko representing national cultural association of the Kazakhs ” Birlik “. Title of Miss People’s Choice went to Oguldzhahan Hordaevoy of Turkmen diaspora “Bereket”. But all girls, regardless of title, received gifts from the sponsors.

The Pageant «Miss Kharkiv International» was really enchanting that it not only leave a lastintg impression on the audience but also  encouraged different national minorities in Kharkov to communicate and share a piece of their culture with each other. And for that, We must say a big thank you to the organizers’ MultiKultiUA “, represented by the Chairman Sergei Savitsky , Chief Coordinator Martin ReuterOlga Bolibok , Anastasia Halmuradovoy and other members of the Kharkov social organization, as well as the Kharkiv City Council.

ForeignUkraine24 also personally want to thank every sponsors, the beautiful contestants and the Organizers for making this event a success. Our world will be better if mutual love for diverse ethnic groups becomes the universal currency.

Anastasia Halmuradova, Emily Shah, Sergei Savitsky.(President: MultiKultiUA)

Anastasia Halmuradova, Emily Shah, Sergei Savitsky.(President: MultiKultiUA)

Credit :Elizabeth Peralta.


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