Pavol Hamzik links visa dialogue with EU with signing Association Agreement

By on May 18, 2013

Ambassador of Slovakia to Ukraine Pavol Hamzik has said he can see interdependence between the signing of the Association Agreement and the visa liberalization dialogue between Ukraine and the EU.

“If  [Association Agreement] is not signed, our movement in the visa dialogue will slow down,” the ambassador said at a conference on Ukraine-EU movement towards a joint future in Kyiv on Thursday.

He added that Slovakia supports the opening of European borders for Ukrainian citizens and the cancellation of the visa regime.

“Ukrainian citizens are not a threat for Slovakia… Slovakia is Ukraine’s neighbor and we have friendly and good neighborly relations. We can understand Ukraine’s problems more easily than older members of the EU, as we overcame [similar] difficulties during membership talks,” the diplomat said.

At the same time, Hamzik added that Kyiv has to carry out the Visa Liberalization Action Plan with the EU. He also noted that the European side does not have a dialogue it would like to hold with Ukrainian politicians and, possibly, the reason for this is in the lack of understanding of the main point of issue.


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