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    Advice for People in Their Early 20s

    Get Good at Something You don’t have a job, no fixed things to do, things are wide open … and that’s scary, but also an advantage. Your schedule is open, and you have immense possibilities. The way...

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    COE and the EU are providing EUR 4 million to Ukraine for projects

    The Council of Europe (CoE) and the EU are providing EUR 4 million to Ukraine for projects to improve the observance of human rights, implement penal reform, fight corruption, and support elections in the country. “We urge...

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  • Ukraine goverment
    Draft tax reform bill registered in parliament

    Draft law No. 3357 on amending the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding tax liberalization was registered in the Ukrainian parliament on Monday. The initiators of the law include representatives of all the factions of the coalition, as...

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  • 100 reasons to invest in Ukraine
    100 Amazing Reasons to Invest in Ukraine

    1) Ukraine’s new tax code implemented in 2010 established zero taxation for small businesses for a period of five years and for the hospitality sector and light industry for 10 years. 2) Income tax rate in Ukraine...

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  • billionaires in ukraine
    Meet the Billionaires in Ukraine

    While we wait for the Forbes list of the wealthiest individuals for the year 2013, it would be a good time to once again take a look at the Ukrainians on the list. Ukraine has made its...

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