Telephone Etiquettes

By on April 1, 2013
Telephone Etiquettes

The manner of your voice plays a long role when communicating with anyone on phone. It is vital to follow the basic telephone etiquette because it  creates an impression of our personality, education, family background as well as the nature of job we are engaged in.

Important Phone Etiquette

1. Plan what you wish to discuss before making any formal call. Be sure to think through first before dialing. If you have lots of points to discuss, jot them down in a paper and arrange the order properly.

2. First things first.  Always identify yourself at the beginning of all calls : ‘Hello”, “GoodAFternoon, Goodevening should always be the fist thing to say secondly state your name and confirm the person you are talking to if it’s a formal call. Always remember your voice has to be very pleasant while interacting with the other person over the phone.

3. Don’t entertain any interruption: Do not carry on side conversations with other people around you.  The person on the telephone takes precedence over someone who happens to walk in your office or passes by while you are on the phone.

4. Maintain a good voice tone : A low normal voice is always the best when answering a call. People with tendencies to speak loud or shout should avoid doing so on the telephone. Never speak with a harsh voice, maintain a low voice, and remember to be polite with the other party when talking.

5. While talking over the phone, don’t chew anything or eat. when you do so, you leave a negative impression to the other party. First finish your food and then only dial the number. Also if  If you are reading or watching something, please pause it and continue after the call.

6. End the conversation properly. Make sure the person understood all you have discussed, review the important conclusions. After that, don’t just hang up. End the conversation with pleasant words like “take care”, “had a great time talking to you”. P.S Never say goodbye.

Other tips.

a. Never make a formal call at odd hours like early morning or late nights as the person will definitely be sleeping and will not be interested in talking to you.

b. Speak slowly if you are leaving a message

c. always turn off your cell phone ringer when entering a meeting, restaurant, or other place where the purpose of your visit would be interrupted or others would be disturbed by hearing your cell phone ring.

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