The two-way thing called friendship

By on April 19, 2013

Have you ever heard the saying that friendship is a two-way thing? I dare say that most of the time I heard it being said, the person has used it in a one-way sense.

For example, you have a friend who was very dear to you, not necessarily your closest but one that you cared about enough to send Christmas messages and birthday wishes. Somewhere along the line, distance and life happened and you communicate much less than you used to. After a while, you find thoughts about this person crossing your mind and the next thing you say is, “friendship is a two-way thing”. This is a very common reaction but take a minute to think, have you been a friend from your own end?

This week, I realized how often I have used this phrase in my life and I have come to realize that I could have done better at maintaining contact. I mean the once in a while hellos, the birthday wishes, the shoulder to cry on (maybe over the phone) or anything at all. It does not have to be everyday calls but people need to know that someone remembers them from time to time.

This week, I will like you all to think of that one person you can reach out to and say “hello” again. It might be a friend you loved so much but lost to pride or a family member you don’t call because they don’t call you too. Just call to say hi. You never know what might come out of it. It could be a hug or a “go away”, but now, trust me, you feel better!!
P.S. Please, come back and share your encounters if you don’t mind or write me through the contact page. I will share mine in a week.

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