This is Our Chance -An African Drama

By on December 16, 2012

Event: THIS IS OUR CHANCE (African Drama)

Date: 22nd December 2012

Time: 4:30pm

Ticket: 100 UAH

Venue: DK MILICI, Sovnarkomovskaya. Str 13. Metro Beketova.

Performing: Norense Osahono, Efe Sharon, Dammy Abbey and lots of Africa’s best actors in Ukraine.

Side attractions: Music, Dance and Comedy plus a raffle draw to give out 200dollars. Buy a ticket, Answer the riddle on the other side of the ticket and stand a chance of winning 200dollars.

For more Info: +380631495740(life) +380661537151(mtc)

Don’t Miss the first African Drama Night in Ukraine.(Open Africans and non-Africans).

Take time off your normal busy schedule and treat yourself to a wonderful time this Xmas.

Courtesy: eNDee Entertainment.


Official Poster

Official Poster

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