Ukraine’s gas consumption will be cut by 24.5% this winter – Naftogaz

By on October 23, 2014
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Ukraine’s national oil and gas company, Naftogaz Ukrainy, forecasts a reduction in natural gas consumption by 8.6 billion cubic meters to 26.7 billion cubic meters during the current 2014-2015 heating season, down 24.5% from the previous one, says Serhiy Pereloma, first deputy CEO at Naftogaz.

This figure includes 10 billion cubic meters produced domestically, 5.7 billion cubic meters of reversed natural gas, and a significant amount will be pumped from the underground storage facilities which contain 16.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas, Pereloma said at a government meeting on Wednesday attended by regional administration heads and gas executives.

“To get through the winter steadily, it is extremely important to use resources rationally,” he said, recalling a decree passed by the Cabinet this summer which approved regional gas limits.

According to the affected payments, the limits for the third week of October are available at 41.8 million cubic meters per day, he said.

Source: Interfax

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