Ukrainian fleet’s withdrawal from Crimea to begin this week – Kyiv

By on April 1, 2014

A schedule has been drawn up for the Ukrainian fleet’s withdrawal from Crimea, said Ukraine’s interim deputy presidential chief of staff Andriy Senchenko.

“A schedule has been drawn up [for the fleet’s withdrawal] and its implementation is starting this week with the relocation of the fleet’s property,” Senchenko said at a press briefing in the Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday.

He said Ukrainian-Russian consultations were held in Sevastopol on Monday to negotiate the procedure of Ukrainian crews’ arrival to redeploy the ships and of preparatory repairs for the decommissioned ships.

The Ukrainian delegation was assured that no problems would arise, he said.

The warships Ternopol and Kirovohrad will be the first to leave Donuzlav Bay, he added.

Senchenko said that redeployment schedules for all other arms and services will have been agreed upon on Tuesday. “The schedule of interior troops’ withdrawal will probably take a couple of days to negotiate. This issue is not within the Defense Ministry’s responsibility,” Senchenko said.

The relocation of damaged aircraft has been agreed upon as well, he said.

Transportation means have been pulled up to the border with Crimea in order to remove the aircraft, he said, adding that most of the Ukrainian military hardware, except the aircraft and fleet, would be transported by railway.

“The first consignments of military property are waiting to be removed. Forty-one Ukrainian tanks have been placed on platforms at the Ostryakovo railway station. Fifty other platforms stand loaded with motor vehicles at the Bakhchisaray station,” he said, noting that these platforms were likely to leave the stations in a couple of days.

The Ukrainian delegation to the Sevastopol consultations was assured on Monday that the garrisons would be unblocked without problems and that no encroachments would be attempted on Ukrainian servicemen’s private apartments, Senchenko said.


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