We love skinny Jeans.

By on November 23, 2012
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Skinny Jeans are generally skin-tight from the waist down to  the ankle. Before , in past decades , Skinny jeans were worn just only by women and emo-teenagers. Today all over Africa, Europe, America, asia and other places, Men have invaded fashion back with the skinny jean style with the desire for sleek clothing’s.  Most teenagers in Europe and America  prefer skinny jeans than the baggy jeans clothing style because they feel more comfortable on them. However emos and women still patronize the skinny jean fashion style.

There are many pairs of skinny jeans made from different designers that have been designed to fit the body of men, getting a pair that fits just right is easy.

Why We  love them.

Skinny jeans makes men look smart, sleek and stylish. What should you wear with a pair of skinny jeans? When dealing with  to skinny jeans fashion, You can choose to wear a slim-fit shirt which can be worn untucked or not.  Blazers and slim-fit jackets can also be matched with it.. Slim jeans can also be worn casually with hood tops and casual polos. Moreover different kinds of foot wears such as cooperate shoes, moccasins, high and low foot snickers, boots and sandals can be worn with it.

People’s complains about skinny jeans:

  1. Peasantry shirts now look big because skinny jeans are small in looks, making the tops look big-sized. Also some clothing companies do not make slim tops thereby leaving skinny jeans to be worn with normal sized tops.
  2. Feminine looks: Skinny jeans do not fit some men with feminine body physiques , thereby making  40% men who  wear the skinny jeans look feminine because it brings the female figure out in them .
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But with all this different controversial opinions about skinny jeans fashion, should they still be worn in our society or should they be encouraged. With my personal opinion, fashion is wearing what looks comfortable on you. If you find them the skinny jean fashionable enough to your taste, buy them ! , wear them ! and bring out the best out of you.



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