Weight Gain After Child Delivery

By on April 13, 2013
Postpartum weight gain

Weight gain during pregnancy is a normal thing and it is inevitable . The baby in the stomach of a woman gets bigger so the mother definitely adds more weight too.  But after birth, Many women identify with the problem of being over weight. They immediately shed a lot of pounds (and quickly, too) after childbirth and feel good about themselves.

A couple of months down the line, they begin to gain some weight and they wonder why this is happening since they spend more time chasing after their little one and believe they are expending more calories doing so. It is infact true that they may be busier as the child grows older because the child gets more active and they have to do more to keep the child happy most of the time.
However, I believe that there are some overlooked habits that kick in as the child grows older that contribute immensely to the eventual weight gain.

You stop caring: A lot of women are very choosy of what they eat when they breastfeed. They do not want any junk passed on to the baby. As soon as they begin to wean their babies, they are less concerned about what they eat. For example, most people do not drink soda during the breastfeeding period but as soon as there is no child feeding off of them, they can have those treats they have missed for about a year(pregnancy period included).

Helper syndrome:  This is very common for women whose babies have begun consuming solids. Usually, most people feed their children off their own plates because they dish their meals together. When the child does not eat as much as the mother assumed he would, the mother then helps the child finish up. Even when they dish separately, many women cannot just ignore that little amount of food in the child’s bowl. And you know what they say: little drops of water make a mighty ocean!

General laxity : Many women are very health-minded at the birth of their newborn. You hear different resolutions of habit changes, exercise and many others for the sake of the child but as time passes, there are many other concerns that override the initial ones centered on the child. I guess reality kicks in.

If one carefully bears these in mind, it will be easier to overcome these temptations and together with other healthy habits like taking walks with your child and involving the entire family in the healthy eating habit, a healthy weight can be maintained.

source: Life Asks

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