YOUTUBE: A Tool that Could Change Your Life

By on January 24, 2014

One of the most valuable things ever given to man is time. So what do you do with it? You often waste it, right? Sometimes you waste most of your precious time on Youtube, Facebook and other social networks. I don’t know what you do on Youtube but let me guess: You watch movies, music videos, funny videos, and many among others. I am not condemning watching movies on Youtube, but if that’s what you often do there then you’re wasting a lot of productive time.

Have you ever thought of Youtube as a tool of change? If not, I am telling you now that it is. It’s a tool that could bring you more money. It’s a tool that could make your dream a reality. A tool that could make you spend less if only you will learn from it.

Is this your first year in Ukraine studying? Or, are you in your sophomore or almost a graduate? If yes, then the time has come to make a change in your life. The complaints that Ukraine has nothing to offers you should be thrown in the bin. This is time to make it happen for real.

We all have ideas and you’re not left out. So, what are you doing with it? No job to sustain oneself, that’s the word you utter every morning and every day without looking for a solution. Opportunity always meets preparedness. Are you prepared?

Now, the complaint is over if you have a laptop or even your smartphone, you could make that change happen. How? I love that question. It’s a question that keeps you off to go for awesome and let all your ideas waned off while in isolation.

You can still make a change now if you’re ready to use Youtube for something beneficial to you and your community.

What’s new about this Youtube you have been using for years even before you arrived in Ukraine? There is nothing new in it. It’s the same Youtube, but it’s a tool of change for self-development and empowerment.

But, I don’t have time!

I am a medical student.

And every other excuse you’ve been telling yourself all these years.

You know what? It doesn’t matter.

In fact, it’s a plus for you.  You can learn more about your field, take thousands of courses in different fields, learn how to cook or anything you’re really passionate about. Just name it. It’s time to think out of the box and make valuable things out of the free stuff you use everyday.

I know a friend who learned how to play a saxophone on Youtube here in Ukraine and he plays it well. He’s now a pro.

I know a friend who learned how to build a website on Youtube in this same Ukraine and he now builds website for others and earn a lot of money.

And many other people too have made it big from it without paying anything. It only cost them time and effort.

So what’s stopping you? If others can do it you can do it, too.

Type in your idea on Youtube and see how you can implement it. I bet someone must have thought about it, too. Or better still, you can find a Youtube video that will enhance your idea and make it a reality.

So what are you still waiting for? You have the tools—a laptop, internet, and time. Start using Youtube now to learn beneficial stuff like do-it-yourself and how-to-do anything you want. It will cost you less and you will learn more.

Start now or keep complaining!

  Muhiz Moab Olorunrinu

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